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My name is Sonia Luévano and I am an artist of Albuquerque, New Mexico, being an avid part of the local art community and overall Renaissance Woman.  

I am an award winning artist with paintings placing "Best of Show" in several exhibitions, and I have been featured in juried and open call shows nationwide with the City of Albuquerque owning a piece in their collection.   

Part of what makes my work stand out is the juxtaposition with my use of lace (symbolizing beauty and hope) within paintings that often depict themes of turmoil or a feeling eluding a darker emotion.  A vast amount of what I do as of late, I would call “spiritual surrealism”. This being a form of art not necessarily fitting into the realm of mainstream surrealism nor that of what would be liturgical art, but taking from my studies of symbolism in iconography and revealing it in a more approachable abstract way. My current series that I am creating, titled “Ezekiel”, uses this technique of lace but as a vignette around what one may recognize in art from the renaissance with billowing clouds and angels.  What is different is the angels depicted.  Rather than a beautiful chubby cherub, I am depicting orbs with eyes all over, and angels with four heads of different beasts, yet again, surrounded by lace. 

I will further study symbolism in art that I hold dear in order to reach the world so that they may know: through all obstacles and undesirable events in life, there can always be found lovely details to help us endure. These captivating aspects are what produce perfection in our faulty nature.


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